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Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram Batteries

Having your car battery die out often happens at inconvenient times or when you least expect it. Here at All Star Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram we want to help by providing fast, affordable battery replacements and battery tests that can let you anticipate when your SUV or truck will need a new one. To schedule the next available appointment, fill out our online form!



Battery Lifespan

While the engine is often called the heart of your vehicle, it’s your battery that brings the engine to life each time you turn the key in the ignition. Unfortunately your battery won’t last forever — many begin to lose power after about three years. To avoid getting stranded at work or at home, we want to start with a few of the warning signs which you’ll find below. Don’t forget that we can also perform a battery test that takes just minutes to complete, so if you know you are visiting us soon for an oil change or another appointment, feel free to have us do a quick assessment of the battery’s power level.




Warning Signs

Often your battery will let you know that it needs to be replaced in enough time for you to avoid having your vehicle towed. It may start with a clicking or grinding sound when you start the car. Another signal is having to jump-start your vehicle more than twice in roughly a 30-day period. Although there are certain things that can cause you battery to temporarily die out, such as leaving a light on in your cabin or extremely cold temperatures, you shouldn’t have to get a jump start on a regular basis. Lastly, be aware of a rotten egg smell when you drive as this means there could be a sulfur leak coming from the battery.

New Battery Sales and Installation

Once you know you need a new battery you have two choices — order one from our Parts Department and install it yourself or pick one out here in person and let our certified technicians install it right away. Did we mention that you’ll get to catch up on the news or get emails sent with our customer lounge and business work stations? We want you to feel at home while your new battery is being installed, so we make sure to stock the latest magazines and newspapers in addition to providing free WiFi and available snacks. If you prefer to do it yourself at home, just use our online order form to find the right battery for your Wrangler, 300, Durango, or Ram pickup truck. Either way, you’ll find a great selection, helpful customer service, and competitive pricing!


End your search for Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram batteries here at All Star Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram. We want to be your source for all things automotive, so come check us out at 11503 St. Charles Rock Rd. in Bridgeton, MO!

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